Upgrade Your Morning Coffee with Project Keto

Upgrade Your Morning Coffee with Project Keto

If you living a Keto lifestyle, there’s a good chance that you already know what bulletproof coffee is and maybe you’ve even tried it. While some people swear by it, not everyone wants to add grass-fed butter to their coffee every morning. What if you were able to still get the same great fat content in a more easily mixed and flavorful product? In this article, we will look at some of the ways that you can upgrade your morning coffee with the unique products provided by Project Keto.

Who is Project Keto?

Project Keto was created after years of development and careful planning. By taking the time to source the right ingredients and find the perfect cGMP and NSF certified manufacturing partner, Project Keto is able to deliver clean products that deliver the appropriate amount of MCTs, fat and protein needed to establish and maintain a state of dietary ketosis. Currently available exclusively on Amazon, their products are an accessible and affordable addition to any Ketogenic diet plan.

What Products Are Available?

Currently, Project Keto offers three distinct products that are centered around upgrading any morning coffee routine to further benefit a Keto diet. This includes ready-to-drink pods for Keurig coffee machines as well as MCT-based creamers that can be used to add unique flavor and additional fats to your favorite cup of self-brewed coffee. Some of the products currently offered by Project Keto on Amazon include:

      • Upgrade MCT Creamer – Available in two different flavor choices, Upgrade MCT Creamer from Project Keto packs 7g MCTs per serving. From their Amazon listing, you have the choice of either Natural Cinnamon Roll or Natural French Vanilla, although more flavor options may be added in the future.
      • Coffee Pods – As a convenient option to get your coffee and MCTs in one go,  you might consider trying Coffee Pods. Compatible with the Keurig 2.0 K-Cup brewing system, each pod contains 100% pure Brazilian roast coffee and 7g MCTs.

Because these products feature the perfect ratio of MCTs, one cup may provide sustained energy with no crash while also heightening focus and concentration. Because the formula relies on sugar-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients, it’s suitable not only for a Keto lifestyle but also vegan and other restrictive dietary plans.

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Vegan Keto: Is It Possible?

Vegan Keto: Is It Possible?

While most people associate a Keto diet with excessive portions of meat, eggs and other dairy-based items, a mind shift is on the horizon. As the world becomes more conscious about the effects that factory farming has on the environment and the poor conditions that some of these animals may face, shifting to a plant-based lifestyle has become more alluring for many segments of the population. But is it possible to follow a vegan Keto diet and still achieve the same results?  In this article, we will look at what vegan Keto is and some easy ways to get started.

What is Vegan Keto?

Vegan Keto follows the same general rules as a normal Keto diet to get into and maintain ketosis. However, the deviation from a normal Ketogenic meal plan is that you are eliminating all meat and dairy foods from your diet. This deviation means that you will avoid all animal-based foods like dairy, meat and eggs and instead opt for low-carb vegetables, fruits and grains as well as plant-based fat sources like coconut oil, seeds, nuts or avocado.

While it is possible to maintain a vegan Keto diet, the path is far more restrictive than a standard Keto diet. This makes it incredibly hard to follow since the traditional Keto diet already restricts a wide variety of foods that vegans are used to eating like potatoes, beans and other starchy foods. However, studies have shown that staying committed to the diet can make fat loss more successful while also lowering the risk of high blood pressure or the development of type-2 diabetes.

What Can You Eat On Vegan Keto?

When attempting a plant-based approach to Keto, it is important to focus on healthy, whole foods that are high in fat and low in carbohydrates, This includes full fat coconut products, MCT oil, olive oil, avocado oil, cashew cheese and other dairy replacements. Although you may need to meticulously check labels, in the beginning, to ensure no dairy is present and the carbohydrate count is low. Whole avocados and large portions of non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and peppers will also be a great addition to your nutritional plan.

Many vegan condiments are also naturally available on the Keto diet like Nutritional yeast, spices, lemon juice and plant-based mayo. These can also be paired with a variety of vegan protein sources like tofu, beyond meat, impossible foods or tempeh, although it is important to avoid processed meats for the best experience possible. While it may seem a little challenging at first, maintaining this lifestyle can become easier with careful planning and the support of the books found in this blog to find what works best for you.

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The Top 20 Keto Snacks on Amazon

The Top Keto Snacks on Amazon

For many people following a Ketogenic lifestyle, the hardest part of the process is finding snacks that can actually be used to enhance the diet or maintain a state of ketosis. While finding great options can seem like a challenge, the team at Keto Burn is here to help make it easier than ever to stay satiated while following a high-fat, low-carb diet. In this article, we explore the top 20 Keto snacks available on Amazon with Prime shipping included to help crush your cravings fast.

Full disclosure: In order to cut down on invasive ads that track you, we chose to partner with Amazon to provide affiliate links that give us a kickback when you use them. If you want to support Keto Burn, please use these affiliate links when ordering a product so we are able to continue to provide the Keto reviews, products and information that you can trust!

1. Grenade Carb Killa Protein Spread

Available in 3 great flavors, Carb Killa Protein Spread can help satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth. With 20% protein and 87% less sugar than other chocolate spreads available on the market, you can rest easy knowing you are hitting your goals without the need for added sugars. Add it to protein waffles or eat it straight from the tub, we won’t judge you. Our favorite flavor is White Chocolate Cookie but we encourage you to try them all and find your favorite!

White Chocolate Cookie
3g Net Carbs | 12g Fat | 7g Protein

2. SuperFat Nut Butter

Whether you are looking for Keto Snacks that can help you break through the mid-day energy wall or just want a satisfying snack to tide you over until your next meal, nut butter with no added sugar is the perfect fit. Packed with natural fats, SuperFat Nut Butter pouches are not only Keto-friendly but also vegan, non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free. These pouches make it easy to incorporate healthy fats into your diet whenever they may be needed. Add it to your food or eat is straight from the pouch for an immediate energy boost.

Cacao Coconut
3g Net Carbs | 22g Fat | 5g Protein

3. Just the Cheese Bars

Cheese is a staple among Keto Snacks. And, while the texture of plain cheese may get boring over time, Just the Cheese Bars can give you the crunch you have been craving from potato chips. As a great low-carb snack, Just the Cheese Bars contain less than one gram of net carbs in each serving. Even better, each serving has the same amount of calcium and protein as a glass of milk to ensure you are staying on track with your nutritional goals.

Aged Cheddar
>1g Net Carbs | 12g Fat | 8g Protein

4. Fat Snax Cookies

If you’ve been underwhelmed by the taste of Keto cookies in the past, we are right there with you. However, Fat Snax has created a line of cookies that are so good you won’t even miss the high-carb, sugary alternatives that you are used to. With three great flavors in this variety pack including Chocolate Chip, Lemony Lemon and Peanut Butter you will have the variety needed to stay in ketosis while banishing your cravings the moment they occur.

Peanut Butter
1g Net Carbs | 9g Fat | 2g Protein

5. Front Porch Pecans

Pecans have always been a recommended staple on the Keto diet because they are naturally low-carb and contain a lot of fats in comparison to other nut types. Front Porch Pecans are grown on a family farm and then roasted with the highest-quality and best-tasting ingredients possible to make a satisfying snack. While Front Porch Maple Pecans may have a slightly elevated carb content, every flavor in this sampler is Keto-friendly!

Habanero BBQ
1g Net Carbs | 22g Fat | 2g Protein

6. SmartSweets Gummies

Everyone knows the repercussions that came come with eating sugar-free gummy bears and people aren’t shy about sharing their experience with them on Amazon. As an alternative, SmartSweets created Keto-friendly gummies that not only taste great but eliminate the intestinal problems seen with other sugar-free candies by instead using stevia as a sweetener. With this pack, you can sample all of the flavors to find your favorite although we think the Sweet Fish are the best!

Sweet Fish
7g Net Carbs | 0g Fat | 0g Protein

7. Dang Coconut Chips

Coconut chips are one of the best Keto Snacks available in our opinion. Not only do they taste great and provide a satisfying crunch, but they can also help cut cravings for sugar or other high-carb desserts. While there are several flavors available, to maintain the lowest carb count possible we suggest sticking to the Lightly Salted, Unsweetened version to keep your Keto lifestyle from falling off the rails. As a 100% plant-based option, Dang Coconut Chips are also a great vegan snack.

Lightly Salted, Unsweetened
5g Net Carbs | 15g Fat | 2g Protein

8. BRAMI Lupini Beans

As one of the newer contenders in the Keto snacks game, Lupini beans are similar to edamame and have been a Mediterranean treat since Ancient Rome. BRAMI developed these Lupini Beans as an incredibly low-carb treat that is a perfect alternative to other dry, processed snacks. Even better, BRAMI Lupini Beans are packed with protein and fiber to keep you satisfied for an extended period. They also contain 80% fewer calories than almonds and 60% fewer carbs than chickpeas!

Hot Chili Pepper
0g Net Carbs | 1g Fat | 7g Protein

9. Pork King Good Pork Rinds

For the people that enjoy them, there is no alternative to good pork rinds when following a Keto diet. While you could settle for the processed, cheaper versions found in your local supermarket, quality is what sets a good pork rind brand apart from the rest. To create the best product possible, pork rind king renders their light in crispy pork rids in their own rendered animal fat before being flavored to create a dangerously good, zero-carb snack!

Salted Butter
0g Net Carbs | 5g Total Fat | 8g Protein

10. Julian Bakery® Keto Thin® Brownies

When transitioning into ketosis, brownies were one of the hardest things for us to get rid of. I mean, what is better than sinking your teeth into a warm, gooey hunk of chocolate? Now you don’t have to live without this amazing dessert when you have Keto Thin® Brownies from Julian Bakery®. They even have perfect Keto macros and no sugar alcohols to ensure you are getting the purest product possible to satisfy your sweet tooth. These are easily one of our favorite Keto snacks on Amazon!

Keto Thin® Brownie
3g Net Carbs | 16g Fat | 10g Protein

11. Mission Meats Beef Sticks

Beef Jerky is undeniably the king of Keto snacks if you aren’t afraid to eat red meat. Not only does Mission Meat Beef Sticks contain zero net carbs, but they are also made with no added nitrates or nitrites to ensure the highest quality product possible. As an added bonus, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase allows Mission Meats to give back to support some amazing organizations as part of their ongoing mission to give back.

Tasty Original Grass-Fed Beef
0g Net Carbs | 6g Fat | 7g Protein

12. Keto Farms Trail Mix

As a spin on traditional trail mix brands, Keto Farms created a unique product that combines crunchy cheese, salted nuts and amazing flavor. Whether you are looking for something sweet, spicy or savory, you are sure to find the perfect option when you try the Keto Farms Trail Mix variety pack. Keep a bag in your desk at work for a quick Keto snack, sneak it into the movie theater to avoid candy and popcorn or take it on your next camping trip. The opportunities are endless!

Sweet Strawberry
3g Net Carbs | 13g Fat | 7g Protein

13. KetoLogic Keto Crisps

With a variety of unique flavors, KetoLogic Keto Crisps are another great oven-baked cheese product to help to satisfy your cravings for crunch. Because they use only 100% premium artisan cheese throughout the manufacturing process, you can be sure that you are getting great flavor and tons of wholesome fat to benefit your Keto diet. The cheese used for Keto Crisps is ethically sourced and contains no growth hormones, artificial flavors or gluten for a sustainable snack that is good for you and the environment.

1g Net Carbs | 14g Fat | 10g Protein

14. Shrewd Food Protein Crisps

As another crunchy option the realm of Keto Snacks, Shrewd Food Protein Crisps break away from the baked cheese trend to create a great protein-packed version of your favorite cheat foods. With several different sweet and savory flavor options available, you are sure to find your new favorite flavor in these guilt-free snacks. With no flavor option over 4g of net carbs, Shrewd Food has definitely found a place in our pantry any time we want a healthier snack that doesn’t skimp on bold taste!

Sour Cream and Onion
2g Net Carbs | 3.5g Fat | 14g Protein

15. ChocoRite Peanut Butter Cup Patties

Most people are fans of the popular peanut butter packed candy bar that comes in an orange package. Unfortunately, they also contain a ton of sugar that makes them not acceptable for anyone following a Ketogenic lifestyle. But there are great tasting alternatives that do fit your macros! ChocoRite Peanut Butter Cup Patties combine salty peanut butter with creamy milk chocolate to recreate your favorite candy bar with a keto-friendly nutritional profile!

Peanut Butter Cup Patties
1g Net Carbs | 2g Fat | 1g Protein

16. FBOMB Meat Sticks

Unlike other brands in the meat sticks sector, FBOMB relies wholly on pork to create the most flavorful jerky sticks possible. By taking special care to formulate each flavor with no artificial ingredients, FBOMB has created on of the more healthy meat stick options available on Amazon with no nitrites, nitrates, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics or added sugars. The high-quality protein and fats found in these pork sticks make them the perfect on-the-go Keto snack.

1g Net Carbs | 10g Fat | 6g Protein

17. Blue Diamond Almonds

There’s a good chance that you are actively eating Blue Diamond almonds while following a Keto diet. So, we won’t bore you with the details that you already know about this great Keto Snack. However, we included it on this list because of the incredible value you can find when you purchase through Amazon. Don’t pay supermarket prices on this Keto staple and, instead, get it at a great price through our provided affiliate link.

Wasabi & Soy Sauce
3g Net Carbs | 15g Fat | 6g Protein

18. Revol Snax Coconut Bites

As a fairly new product that is making waves in the Keto community, Revol Snax is now available on Amazon. Composed of organic coconut, almonds and macadamia nuts, Revol Snax is quickly becoming one of our most celebrated Keto Snacks because they pack the great flavor of a delicious dessert without the need for excessive sugar. With a plant-based formula that includes no dairy, they are also great for anyone following a vegan Keto lifestyle.

Matcha Latte Bites
1g Net Carbs | 12g Fat | 3g Protein

19. Hilo Life Snack Mix

Is there anything that hits the craving for something savory better than a mixture of nuts and cheese? Well, the team at Hilo Life felt the same way and created a combination of crispy cheese, bold seasonings and crunchy nuts to create a balanced and filling keto snack. With three great flavors to hit a variety of flavor profiles with the simplest ingredients possible, Hilo Life Snack Mix is a great grab-and-go addition to the growing world of Keto snacks on Amazon.

Really Ranchy
3g Net Carbs | 25g Fat | 9g Protein

20. Doctor in the Kitchen Flackers

Loaded with heart-healthy flaxseed, Flackers are a great snack for anyone following the Keto diet that misses the crunch and convenience of crackers. With Flackers, you can rest easy knowing that there are no additives, GMOs, gluten or ingredients that you can’t pronounce to create the ultimate keto-friendly and vegan snack. With over six different recipes and more being added all the time, you are sure to find the right fit for you.

1g Net Carbs | 10g Total Fat | 6g Protein

We hope this article has helped you find your new favorite Keto snacks on Amazon or, at least, has helped you see that there is a wide variety of snacks available to ensure you have the resources needed to kick your cravings to the curb. Try the products featured in this article and see why they have become some of our personal favorites as we continue our quest to live a healthier lifestyle. Are we missing any products that you would recommend? Let us know!

As we explained earlier, Keto Burn relies solely on income provided by the Amazon Affiliates program to function. If you are interested in any of the Keto snacks in this article, please use our affiliate links to help us continue making Keto easy for other people, just like you, with new blogs and product reviews!

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Keto Collagen: Do You Actually Need It?

Keto Collagen: Do You Actually Need It?

While there are many different supplements available for anyone following a Ketogenic lifestyle, one of the most overlooked is often collagen supplements. While many people actively use protein powder as a meal replacement or recovery agent, they may be surprised to learn that, by using collagen instead, they could be getting even more support. In this article, we will take a look at what Keto collagen is, whether or not it actually helps with a Keto diet and some of the ways you can use it with your daily meal plans.

What is Collagen?

As an abundant protein source found in higher life forms, collagen makes up around 1/3 of the body’s total protein content. At the current time, researchers have discovered over 40 different types of collagen within the human body; although three have been identified for the crucial support they provide joint function, connective tissue support and skin health. Like other animal-based protein sources, collagen products also contain the major amino acids like L-Lycine and more.

As previously mentioned, there are three common types of collagen used in the creation of this often-overlooked supplement. Knowing which type of collagen fits the support you are looking for can help ensure you are receiving the results you are expecting. Type-I collagen helps with skin health, Type-II collagen helps with joint function and Type-III collagen helps with connective tissues. In many cases, modern Keto collagen supplements will generally include all three types or a combination of two for a more well-rounded product.

How Does Collagen Assist a Keto Diet?

If you are using traditional protein powders, there are obvious benefits to switching to a collagen-based product instead. For instance, on a classic Ketogenic diet, only 15% of your nutritional intake should come from protein sources. However, collagen is one of the only types of protein that is less likely to kick you out of a state of ketosis. So if you are looking for a protein source to supplement your fat intake, Keto collagen is one of the best supplements you can use.

If you are actively exercising, there are other obvious benefits that Keto collagen may provide to enhance your lifestyle and pursuit of a healthier body. These products will often help improve recovery after strenuous workouts, help maximize energy and assist in the reduction of effects caused by aging. These alone are terrific reasons to use a Keto collagen supplement instead of a traditional whey protein powder if you are following a Ketogenic program or lifestyle.

How Do You Use Collagen?

Collagen products can be used the same way that you would use a protein powder. In many cases, this will mean adding them to a shaker with water or almond milk to create a low-carb shake or using them in baking recipes as an alternative to flour. However, it is important to be mindful of the collagen supplement that you chose to ensure that it actually helps meet your goals and unique needs. One other consideration to keep in mind is whether your chosen collagen is from a grass-fed resource and is all-natural. This helps avoid unwanted ingredients or other fillers that create a subpar product.

If you are currently using collagen to enhance your Keto diet, hopefully, some of the information in this blog has given you a reason to consider it. To get started quickly, we encourage you to review the collagen products from Amazon found in this blog. We are confident you will find the perfect fit to achieve your individual goals and make a real impact on your chosen lifestyle.

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Keto BHB: Everything You Need to Know

Keto BHB: Everything You Need to Know

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB, has quickly grown in popularity for anyone following a Ketogenic diet. As both a transitional supplement that makes achieving ketosis easier and a clean energy source for anyone in ketosis, Keto BHB can be used no matter what step of the lifestyle transition you may be in. In this article, we will explore what Keto BHB is, why they have become so popular in recent years and the benefits that they can provide to a Keto diet.

What is BHB?

As one of the main ketones produced by the body when ketosis is induced, BHB is created when it transitions from using carbs as a fuel and instead uses fat sources. You may be surprised to learn that BHB makes up nearly 80% off all ketones in the blood and acetone makes up around 2%. While BHB and acetone are both ketones created by the body, acetone is lost as we sweat while BHB is actively used for energy. As you might imagine from the mentioned blood concentration levels, this makes BHB the perfect energy source for both the brain and many of the body’s processes while in a state of ketosis.

Currently, there are two major forms of Keto BHB products that can be found on the market: ketone esters and BHB salts. Ketone esters are generally just a raw form of BHB that has no additional ingredients added and will generally be expensive and unappetizing. This is one of the reasons that BHB salts have become the most popular version of this product for anyone following a Ketogenic diet.

How Does BHB Assist a Keto Diet?

There are many benefits associated with the consumption of BHB while on a Keto diet. Perhaps the most well-known benefit of this supplement is its ability to help transition the body into a state of ketosis by aiding in adaptation. If you aren’t sure if Keto BHB is right for you, there are even more highlights that might persuade you to give this great supplement a chance.

If you are trying the Ketogenic diet for the first time, side effects similar to the flu may derail your progress or lead you to abandon the diet altogether. By providing your body with BHB Salts, they are often used to reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with the Keto flu. Other potential benefits include weight loss assistance, inflammation reduction and protection for muscles.

How Do You Use BHB?

If you choose a Keto Salt product that contains BHB, you will find that it can easily be mixed into water to create a beverage that tastes similar to Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks. Other delivery forms include capsules that can easily be ingested, although they may have a delayed release that wouldn’t be present with a powdered version that can be mixed into a drink. While these are the most popular forms of BHB available on the market, there are ways to make it more effective.

Studies have shown that supplementing your BHBs with MCTs can help increase ketone production drastically. This, in turn, provides the body with a great supply of clean energy that can be utilized while in a state of ketosis to provide brain clarity and extended power while working out. If you are looking for a way to make your Keto diet more effective, try one of the Keto BHB options from Amazon listed in this article. We are confident you won’t be disappointed!

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MCTs: The Holy Grail of the Keto Diet

MCTs: The Holy Grail of the Keto Diet

MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, have quickly become an invaluable product to include in the modern Keto diet as an instant fat boost for shakes, recipes and even coffee. However, the history of these products has long outweighed the modern benefits they are associated with. In this article, we will explain what MCTs are, why they are an important nutritional component for anyone following a Ketogenic diet and provide some creative ways to include them into your daily meal plan.

What are MCTs?

In essence, MCTs are just healthy fats that are derived from palm oils or coconut oil. All forms of triglycerides are composed of a glycerol backbone with 3 distinct fatty acids attached to it. Unlike most dietary fats that contain long-chain fatty acids, MCTs are partially manmade fats that are both easy to digest and can quickly be converted by the body into usable ketones for energy.

Traditional fat sources that are composed of long-chain fatty acids require the assistance of bile and phospholipids in order to be broken down and then absorbed via the intestinal wall. However, MCTs can be transported directly to the liver and converted into a bio-available source of ketones that the body can use instantly. By incorporating MCT-based products into your Ketogenic diet, you can benefit from the immediate boost in available ketones while also encouraging the creation of ketones from other dietary fat sources for a consistent supply of these fat-burning molecules.

Extensive research has been given to MCTs for the medical uses they provide. In fact, they have become a common and safe additive in food products for individuals that are unable to easily digest fats. One of the most common examples of this is the inclusion of MCTS into baby formula to simulate human breast milk. Now, researchers have found that MCTs may actually be the holy grail for the Keto faithful, particularly as a supplement in the ongoing fight against obesity.

How Do MCTs Assist a Keto Diet?

When the body is in a state of nutritional ketosis, it will require a consistent supply of ketones to provide energy. By supplementing your meals with MCT, you will be able to not only reduce feelings of hunger but ensure that you are maintaining consistent energy levels by supplementing the ketone bodies that your organs are creating on their own and supplying to the brain. Obtaining 70% to 80% of your dietary intake daily from fat sources is critical for success on a Keto diet. MCTs help make this more manageable.

While the research into the efficacy of MCTs for a Keto diet is still fairly new, the results that have currently been established are promising. Some of the benefits that have been found include a small increase in overall metabolic rate, improved insulin sensitivity among diabetics and an increase in serum ketones unmatched by other fatty acids. However, the most important reason to consume MCT while following a Ketogenic diet is the ability to provide your body with easily converted ketones that can be used for an immediate energy boost.

One other positive benefit attributed to the consumption of MCT-based products while following a Keto diet is the ability to improve satiety over an extended period. This can help not only establish a deep state of ketosis but ensure you maintain it while following a high-fat, low-cat meal plan. Depending on what you have set your daily fat intake requirements to, MCT supplements are a great way to ensure that you are hitting your macronutrient level consistently.

How Do You Use MCTs?

One of the easiest ways to incorporate MCTs into your diet is by adding it to smoothies or drinks. For instance, adding MCT oil or MCT powder to your morning coffees can ensure that you have the appropriate amount of fat intake to remain full until lunch. Even more importantly, adding MCT to your morning coffee can ensure you have enough ketones to provide energy for your brain and body to help kickstart your day the right way.

Because MCTs are generally flavor neutral, you can also drizzle them on top of your vegetables or other foods to provide an immediate fat boost. This can be as easy as incorporating MCTs into your salad dressing or condiments for a creative yet easy option for added fats in your diet. Remember, it’s important to ensure that up to 80% of your calories are coming from fatty sources. By adding MCT-based products to each meal, you can easily hit these macros to ensure consistent fat loss.

If you have been on the fence about trying MCTs, we encourage you to browse the popular options available within this blog with included Amazon Prime shipping options to get started quickly. In some cases, you may experience intestinal discomfort when using MCT products initially; however, this is normal. Just start with around 1 to 1.5 tsp each day and slowly increase the amount to 4 tbsp daily to help your body adapt.

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