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Can You Drink Tea on Keto?


Often touted as a healthy drink option that not only provides nutrients but also kickstarts your metabolism. However, if you are following a Ketogenic diet, you may not be sure of what types of tea are ok for you to consume or which you should be avoiding. While most teas are going to be ok as long as they aren’t sweetened, you will typically want to stick to brewing your own tea and icing it or drinking it hot. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular options if you want to drink tea on Keto.

Carbs and sugars are found seemingly everywhere and just one slip up can kick your body out of ketosis. Like all other food choices, it is important to ensure that you are reading the labels of tea products that you are consuming because they could be adding sugar to the formula if it’s pre-brewed. However, tea bags will generally be incredibly low-carb and low-calorie, making most of them the perfect break from drinking standard water when you want to relax or just want to enjoy a beverage.

High caffeine teas like black tea and green tea may provide a significant boost when following a Keto diet, as studies have confirmed that some individuals received a spike in ketone production after drinking tea. This in turn provides a steady stream of clean energy with the additional energy provided by the caffeine content of the tea. Instead of reaching for an energy drink, consider finding a high-caffeine tea option that you enjoy and drinking it instead to help you power through the day or start your morning with a quick boost.

One additional variation of tea that may be considered in “Bulletproof Tea”. As a spin-off of Bulletproof Coffee, a strong black leaf tea is mixed with MCT oil and butter to create a calorie-dense meal replacement that is designed to keep the consumer full until lunchtime. Unless you are looking for a quick meal replacement, enjoying a healthy breakfast with hot tea will likely be a better option. Just find what works best for your Keto goals.

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