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Do You Know Your Target Macros For Keto?


If you are following a Keto diet, there’s a good chance that you are conscious about the amount of carbs that you are consuming. However, not keeping track of your other macros is just as important if you hope to make the most of your new dietary choices. In this article, we will explore the target macros for a classic Keto diet to help promote nutritional ketosis and healthy weight loss.

According to the team at KetoMed, the golden ratio for a therapeutic Keto diet consists of 75% fats, 15% proteins and less than 2% carbs. As you can see, the primary focus of your diet should be on high-quality fat sources like avocados or fatty fish. If you are having trouble determining the right meal plan to get started, it is worth pre-planning your meals and determining the macros you are hitting and then adjusting your fat intake as needed.

While it may seem like a good idea to fill your calories with meat sources or nuts throughout the day, this is actually more of an Atkins style approach to ketosis. Without the necessary fats, you will often find yourself sluggish or lacking needed energy throughout the day. Healthy fats from natural oils. full-fat dairy products, eggs or avocados should be the primary focus when determining your meals or snacks throughout the day.

Since protein should only be around 15% of your daily nutritional intake, it can be easy to go overboard when eating what you may perceive as a normal Keto-based diet. In fact, having too much protein in your diet can actually kick your body out of ketosis and further prohibit your body from becoming the fat-burning machine you want it to be. To ensure you are losing weight as efficiently as possible while still feeling great, it is important to ensure that you are hitting the previously mentioned target macros at all times.

If you need a meal replacement that takes out the guesswork, consider trying KetoMed as an easy dietary food supplement formulated to hit these exact macros! If you like the taste of vanilla milkshakes, you are sure to love the taste of KetoMed. KetoMed is designed and intended to be used as a ketogenic meal replacement in conjunction with a healthy whole food meal program.


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