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To help further improve the peanut butter options available when following a Ketogenic diet, Project Keto developed MIGHTYFAT MCT Peanut Butter to further benefit your weight loss goals. .

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Finding a great peanut butter option on a Keto diet can seem like a challenge because of the excessive amounts of fat that are found in most commercial options. It can be even harder if you are looking for an option that is Non-GMO or specific to other dietary restrictions like gluten-free or soy-free. To help fulfill this need and further improve the peanut butter options available when following a Ketogenic diet, Project Keto developed MIGHTYFAT MCT Peanut Butter.

With just 2g of net carbs per serving, MIGHTYFAT MCT Peanut Butter is undoubtedly one of the most accommodating peanut butter options available for anyone looking to cut carbs while still increasing their fat intake. Instead of relying on sugar to improve the flavor of this peanut butter, Project Keto instead utilized 100% Non-GMO Coconut Oil with the perfect ratio of MCTs to provide extended support.

As a versatile fuel source, peanut butter has had a long history of uses. With MIGHTYFACT MCT Peanut Butter you can make fat bombs, pair it with your favorite Keto desserts or enjoy it straight from a spoon. One of the biggest benefits of having a project like MIGHTYFAT MCT Peanut Butter on hand is that it could potentially satiate sugar cravings. Much like typical peanut butter, the options are endless and will come down to your personal preferences on how best to incorporate it into your diet. Some of the benefits you may expect from MIGHTYFAT MCT Peanut Butter include:

      • May Improve Energy
      • May Support Cognitive Function
      • May Enhance Fat Burning
      • May Strengthen Immunity

If you are tired of wrecking your nutritional intake by using store-bought peanut butter that is loaded with sugar, MIGHTYFAT MCT Peanut Butter was created for you! Now you can still have the delicious treat of traditional peanut butter with the added fat from MCTs to further benefit your weight loss goals. This is a true Keto nut butter and we are confident you won’t find a more suitable replacement for the tub in your pantry anywhere else!

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3 reviews for MIGHTYFAT MCT Peanut Butter

  1. Nathan C.

    I’ve tried several different natural peanut butter options since starting my low-carb diet, this is by far the best I have found. Project Keto has earned a new repeat customer and I hope they venture into other nut options.

  2. Daniel

    This is close to being a 5 star product for me, but the MCT oil makes it hard to eat too much of this without getting stomach discomfort. However, it’s still unavoidable sometimes since it tastes so good.

  3. Karen L.

    This tastes just like name brand peanut butters with a fraction of the sugar per serving. If you love peanut butter as much as me and my family, this has the perfect balance to support a Keto diet and still taste great!

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