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Keto Collagen: Do You Actually Need It?


While there are many different supplements available for anyone following a Ketogenic lifestyle, one of the most overlooked is often collagen supplements. While many people actively use protein powder as a meal replacement or recovery agent, they may be surprised to learn that, by using collagen instead, they could be getting even more support. In this article, we will take a look at what Keto collagen is, whether or not it actually helps with a Keto diet and some of the ways you can use it with your daily meal plans.

What is Collagen?

As an abundant protein source found in higher life forms, collagen makes up around 1/3 of the body’s total protein content. At the current time, researchers have discovered over 40 different types of collagen within the human body; although three have been identified for the crucial support they provide joint function, connective tissue support and skin health. Like other animal-based protein sources, collagen products also contain the major amino acids like L-Lycine and more.

As previously mentioned, there are three common types of collagen used in the creation of this often-overlooked supplement. Knowing which type of collagen fits the support you are looking for can help ensure you are receiving the results you are expecting. Type-I collagen helps with skin health, Type-II collagen helps with joint function and Type-III collagen helps with connective tissues. In many cases, modern Keto collagen supplements will generally include all three types or a combination of two for a more well-rounded product.

How Does Collagen Assist a Keto Diet?

If you are using traditional protein powders, there are obvious benefits to switching to a collagen-based product instead. For instance, on a classic Ketogenic diet, only 15% of your nutritional intake should come from protein sources. However, collagen is one of the only types of protein that is less likely to kick you out of a state of ketosis. So if you are looking for a protein source to supplement your fat intake, Keto collagen is one of the best supplements you can use.

If you are actively exercising, there are other obvious benefits that Keto collagen may provide to enhance your lifestyle and pursuit of a healthier body. These products will often help improve recovery after strenuous workouts, help maximize energy and assist in the reduction of effects caused by aging. These alone are terrific reasons to use a Keto collagen supplement instead of a traditional whey protein powder if you are following a Ketogenic program or lifestyle.

How Do You Use Collagen?

Collagen products can be used the same way that you would use a protein powder. In many cases, this will mean adding them to a shaker with water or almond milk to create a low-carb shake or using them in baking recipes as an alternative to flour. However, it is important to be mindful of the collagen supplement that you chose to ensure that it actually helps meet your goals and unique needs. One other consideration to keep in mind is whether your chosen collagen is from a grass-fed resource and is all-natural. This helps avoid unwanted ingredients or other fillers that create a subpar product.

If you are currently using collagen to enhance your Keto diet, hopefully, some of the information in this blog has given you a reason to consider it. To get started quickly, we encourage you to review the collagen products from Amazon found in this blog. We are confident you will find the perfect fit to achieve your individual goals and make a real impact on your chosen lifestyle.

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