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Keto Salt functions as an alternative energy source for anyone that is currently in a fasted or nutritional ketosis state.

Keto BHB: Everything You Need to Know


Beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB, has quickly grown in popularity for anyone following a Ketogenic diet. As both a transitional supplement that makes achieving ketosis easier and a clean energy source for anyone in ketosis, Keto BHB can be used no matter what step of the lifestyle transition you may be in. In this article, we will explore what Keto BHB is, why they have become so popular in recent years and the benefits that they can provide to a Keto diet.

What is BHB?

As one of the main ketones produced by the body when ketosis is induced, BHB is created when it transitions from using carbs as a fuel and instead uses fat sources. You may be surprised to learn that BHB makes up nearly 80% off all ketones in the blood and acetone makes up around 2%. While BHB and acetone are both ketones created by the body, acetone is lost as we sweat while BHB is actively used for energy. As you might imagine from the mentioned blood concentration levels, this makes BHB the perfect energy source for both the brain and many of the body’s processes while in a state of ketosis.

Currently, there are two major forms of Keto BHB products that can be found on the market: ketone esters and BHB salts. Ketone esters are generally just a raw form of BHB that has no additional ingredients added and will generally be expensive and unappetizing. This is one of the reasons that BHB salts have become the most popular version of this product for anyone following a Ketogenic diet.

How Does BHB Assist a Keto Diet?

There are many benefits associated with the consumption of BHB while on a Keto diet. Perhaps the most well-known benefit of this supplement is its ability to help transition the body into a state of ketosis by aiding in adaptation. If you aren’t sure if Keto BHB is right for you, there are even more highlights that might persuade you to give this great supplement a chance.

If you are trying the Ketogenic diet for the first time, side effects similar to the flu may derail your progress or lead you to abandon the diet altogether. By providing your body with BHB Salts, they are often used to reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with the Keto flu. Other potential benefits include weight loss assistance, inflammation reduction and protection for muscles.

How Do You Use BHB?

If you choose a Keto Salt product that contains BHB, you will find that it can easily be mixed into water to create a beverage that tastes similar to Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks. Other delivery forms include capsules that can easily be ingested, although they may have a delayed release that wouldn’t be present with a powdered version that can be mixed into a drink. While these are the most popular forms of BHB available on the market, there are ways to make it more effective.

Studies have shown that supplementing your BHBs with MCTs can help increase ketone production drastically. This, in turn, provides the body with a great supply of clean energy that can be utilized while in a state of ketosis to provide brain clarity and extended power while working out. If you are looking for a way to make your Keto diet more effective, try one of the Keto BHB options from Amazon listed in this article. We are confident you won’t be disappointed!

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