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Keto Salt functions as an alternative energy source for anyone that is currently in a fasted or nutritional ketosis state.

Kick Your Diet Into Overdrive with Keto Salt


When following a Ketogenic diet, nutrition plays an incredibly important role in ensuring your body quickly transitions into ketosis. But what if there was an easier way to kick start your diet and quickly begin reaping the rewards you hope to gain? To help support anyone interested in starting a Ketogenic lifestyle, Muscle Research proudly offers Keto Salt, an exogenous ketone supplement for increased energy and diet support.

Using Keto Salt for Energy

When in ketosis, the body will produce three distinct ketone bodies; acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetone. These ketone bodies are created by the liver during a fasted or carbohydrate-restrictive state to function as an alternative energy source once the body is depleted of glucose. These ketones provide valuable support for the brain as fat cannot be used as a direct energy source.

Without these ketones as a backup energy source, you would likely become incredibly lethargic when following a ketogenic diet. Keto Salt can help provide energy by utilizing this bodily mechanism that likely evolved during times of famine. The introduction of exogenous ketones through Keto Salt can provide immediate, clean energy to help counteract the potential lethargy or energy loss associated with the transitioning into ketosis.

Using Keto Salt for Fat Loss

A deep state of nutritional ketosis is generally required if you want to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, this process can take time with many individuals spending a few days to a few weeks as the body depletes glucose and begins creating its own ketones. Throughout this process, several unwanted symptoms may arise like the “keto flu” and low energy levels. But what if there was a way to limit these side effects and enter ketosis faster?

By incorporating BHB as the active ingredient, Keto Salt can help kick your keto diet into overdrive and help limit the time required to begin achieving results. Once ingested, these exogenous ketones are easily absorbed by the body can be used as a clean energy source, limiting the time the process will ultimately take. However, Keto Salt should only be used as a supplement to an already fine-tuned ketogenic or low-carb diet to remain effective.


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