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Keto Salt functions as an alternative energy source for anyone that is currently in a fasted or nutritional ketosis state.

What is Keto Flu?


Perhaps one of the most commonly discussed side-effects while on a Ketogenic diet isn’t weight loss but, instead, the Keto Flu. Once you jump headfirst into Keto and severely limit your carbs, your body will begin to withdrawal from these compounds and transition from relying on glucose for energy to utilizing fat sources instead. More often than not, the most common symptoms of Keto Flu are dizziness, nausea, muscle aches and irritability; making it very similar to the traditional influenza virus without the associated pathogenic component. In this article, we will further explore what Keto Flu is and provide some easy solutions to help minimize its effects and keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

What Causes Keto Flu?

The most common reason that people develop Keto Flu when starting their journey into a Ketogenic lifestyle is that the initial purge of water within the body also increases the chances of dehydration and mineral loss. To counteract this, individuals should consider drinking plenty of water throughout the day and supplementing with electrolytes and potential minerals that are being lost. This will often include magnesium and potassium as well as other sources of salt in order to avoid symptoms like nausea or cramping.

Instead of jumping headfirst into a Keto diet, most professionals will encourage a transition period that allows your body to wean off of a carbohydrate-heavy diet. This helps ensure that once you decide to drastically cut carbs from your diet, your body won’t be shocked and will find it much easier to transition without adverse side effects. Not eating enough calories throughout the day while following a Keto diet can also cause flu-like symptoms and could potentially be hindering your weight loss. Don’t reduce your caloric intake too much and instead focus on cutting carbs while replacing those calories with fat sources.

How Is Keto Flu Treated?

As previously mentioned there are a few key things required to ease the symptoms of Keto flu and help give the body the support it needs to reach a state of ketosis without further hindrance. One of the first things you should do is increase your electrolyte intake with a supplement or keto-friendly water that has been electrolyte-enhanced. As long as it doesn’t have added sugar or flavoring, it should be compatible with a Ketogenic lifestyle. However, other supplements like BHB salt powders could also be beneficial in providing electrolytes in the form of usable salts.

Dehydration and mineral loss are inevitable when the body begins to shed water in the initial stages of the Ketogenic diet. By supplementing with a multi-vitamin or needed minerals individually, you can help minimize the chances of Keto flu disrupting your diet or daily routines. You shouldn’t have to comprise how you feel for a week to achieve the same weight loss that so many others have. With this knowledge and experience, you will be able to avoid Keto flu and its associated symptoms like a pro in no time.

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