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The Health Benefits of Cutting Carbohydrates


While low-carb dieting has been a constant target of controversy since initially introduced decades ago, it has still remained one of the most effective diet choices for anyone attempting to lose weight. However, while there may be many in opposition to low carb dieting, several scientific studies have provided proven health benefits of cutting carbohydrates. Here are a few of the most promising results that have been linked to low carb dieting.

Increased Abdominal Fat Loss

While limiting carbohydrates, most individuals will find that the greatest fat loss they experience will come from the abdominal region, commonly known as “visceral fat”. This is an important health finding because abdominal fat tends to more harmful and leads to metabolic problems that can be serious if untreated. With extended time, this can potentially reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Improved Blood Sugar

Patients with diabetes are often placed on low carb diets because of the improved blood sugar levels that can be obtained. However, this doesn’t come without its own risks since reduced carbohydrate intake may lead to the development of hypoglycemia. For this reason, it is important to ensure that any adjustments to your dietary intake are cleared by your physician to prevent any complications that may occur.

Decreased Blood Pressure

Cutting carbohydrates intake can effectively lower blood pressure according to a multitude of scientific studies. With decreased blood pressure comes the ability to limit the development of several diseases that are associated with hypertension including kidney failure or stroke. If you currently suffer from high blood pressure, you may see quick benefits when adjusting your diet to eliminate grains and other potential carbohydrate sources.

Appetite Reduction

When you limit grains and other bread sources from your diet, you will likely simultaneously increase your protein intake without much effort. When this happens, you have the ability to not only feel fuller faster but also eat less throughout the day due to the appetite suppression or reduction that protein provides. In many cases, this happens because protein is digested slowly to provide a steady feeling of fullness without the need for excessive calories.

As you can see, there are many health benefits associated with starting a low carb, low grain diet. While there are many variations for cutting carbohydrates, such as the Atkin’s Diet or Keto, finding the plan that is easiest for you to stick to is critical. Before you begin, however, it is important to ensure you have received the “all clear” from your doctor to avoid any potential health problems.

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