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I Reached My Goal Weight With Keto! Now What?


Whether you are reading this after hitting your target weight or are getting closer each day and want to be prepared, congratulations on your progress! Unfortunately, we will be the first ones to tell you that maintaining your weight after dieting can be far more difficult than it was to lose it initially. If you’ve reached your goal weight, having a maintenance plan ready is critical for continued success. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you keep your new body from reverting back to its old ways.

Continue Modified Keto

If you don’t want to, there no reason to stop doing Keto just because you reached your goal weight. In fact, if you feel great on Keto, you likely should continue to follow this lifestyle. One other positive aspect of doing this is that you can easily maintain your weight or cut back if you see your weight starting to creep back up. To modify, start incorporating more calories through larger portions while still eating low carb.

Focus on Muscle Growth

While it may make the scale creep up if you are packing on serious muscle, you will likely love the way you look if you start focusing on muscle growth instead of weight loss. There’s a chance that any existing muscle you had was affected throughout the weight loss phase. By focusing on muscle growth you can further sculpt your body while building muscle that can help rev up your metabolism to maintain a healthy weight.

Find Your Carbohydrate Threshold

Some people find success going back to eating carbohydrates; however, the vast majority of people fail when they do this and return to their original weight. After depriving yourself for so long it’s easy to overdo it. If you decide that you want to return to eating normal foods, focus on the number of calories that you are consuming instead of the carbohydrates. It is important to also avoid eating carb-heavy foods just because they are available to you.


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