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3 Ways Break Out of Your Keto Rut


As a newbie to the Keto diet, there’s a good chance that your diet consists of a whole lot of bacon, eggs and avocados. Even with a little experience, you could still find yourself in a rut. While this may seem like the extent of the foods that you can eat regularly, you may be surprised to learn that there are so many more options available that will not only fit your macros but enhance your overall progress with a Ketogenic diet. If you are struggling to stay the course and need a little more inspiration to break out of your Keto rut, here are some suggestions to help.

Look for New Keto Recipes

Countless recipes have been “Ketofied” online, including some popular things you may be craving that you thought you couldn’t have anymore. However, this isn’t without its issues as sometimes the person creating the recipe and putting it online may not be watching the macros. That means a single serving of some of those foods could kick you back to square one and make you restart the transition into ketosis. For the best results, use recipes from Keto cookbooks or carefully check the macros on your own before cooking and eating a recipe you’ve found.

Increase Your Portion Sizes

For most people, starting a new diet means depriving themselves to enhance the weight loss that they can obtain. While this is possible for most diets, a Ketogenic diet gives a little leeway and you shouldn’t be as concerned about how much you are eating since you are cutting out calorie-dense food groups like carbohydrates. Fill your plate with Keto-approved veggies like broccoli or salads instead of reaching for processed foods to avoid hunger pangs later in the day or between meals.

Get More Active to Crush Your Keto Rut

Once the body transitions into a state of nutritional ketosis, there’s a good chance that you will have more energy from the large amounts of fat that you will be eating. If you aren’t exercising currently, this is a good time to start so you can not only improve your fat loss but also burn off excess energy before bedtime. This could be as easy as walking around the block or doing like cardio from the comfort of your living room while catching up on tv shows.

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