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How Do You Know If You Are In Ketosis?

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One of the primary goals of the Ketogenic diet is to get the body into a state of nutritional ketosis to burn fat for energy instead of the commonly available glucose from sugar and carbohydrates that are available with a normal diet. But as your body begins to transition into this fat-burning state, how do you know if you are actually in ketosis or at a level which is optimal? In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to test your level of ketosis through your breath, urine or blood.

Blood Ketone Meters

Like blood sugar testing devices, blood ketone meters measure the amount of BHB currently in the blood with a small drop of blood. For the most accurate levels possible, this often tends to be the most trusted method of checking ketosis levels and will commonly be used by professionals in the medical field. However, the initial costs of getting a blood ketone meter may be higher than other methods that are available on the market.

Urine Test Strips

As one of the most low-technology options available, urine test strips can be incredibly expensive for enough strips to test your ketosis levels for months. For those that are just getting started or trying to determine if a Keto diet is right for them, this will often be the best approach to test the waters. Simply pee on the strip or dunk it in a urine sample and wait for the color to change. Once enough time has elapsed, you can then compare the strip with the package indicators.

Breath Ketone Meters

There are currently many different ketone breath monitoring devices available on the market that accurately test for acetone levels. While these devices can vary greatly in both effectiveness and price, there are some very affordable options available on the market. Simply charge the device, take a deep breath and blow into the associated mouthpiece. Think of it as functioning like a breathalyzer, but instead of measuring alcohol levels it is measuring your ketosis levels.

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