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Keto Salt functions as an alternative energy source for anyone that is currently in a fasted or nutritional ketosis state.

Do You Need More Salt on Keto?


While traditional wisdom has always told you to limit the amount of salt you are consuming in your diet, things take a different turn when you begin following a Ketogenic lifestyle. In fact, many of the common issues that lead people to stop Keto in the initial phases are due to lower sodium levels within the body. In this article, we will look at why you need more salt on Keto and some of the ways you can increase your salt intake to compensate.

Why Do You Lose Salt on Keto?

Following a Ketogenic diet will inevitably cause the body to deplete glycogen stores as it shifts to using ketones as a primary source of fuel. As these glycogen levels begin to drop, the body will also start shedding a large amount of water and, in turn, flush out some of the crucial vitamins and minerals that you need. Perhaps the most common deficiency that can occur lies in sodium levels. Although this drop in water can have a drastic impact on the scale, not replenishing these vitamins and minerals can have a negative effect in the long run.

Most people that experience the “Keto-flu” don’t realize that this lack of salt is usually the main culprit as dehydration symptoms begin to set in. To counteract this, it is important to supplement as much as 5000 mg of sodium into your diet each day, particularly in the first few days of the diet when the body is transitioning into ketosis. However, working with your doctor can help determine the exact sodium requirements you need to supplement when you start cutting sugars and carbs.

How Can I Increase Salt Intake on Keto?

While the most obvious way to increase salt intake on Keto is to add more seasoning to your foods or drink a Keto-friendly electrolyte beverage, these aren’t the only ways to get started. For instance, Keto Salt from Muscle Research not only provides needed sodium but also functions as an alternative energy source by providing ketones that can be easily and rapidly absorbed by the body. If you are interested in increasing your salt levels while following a Ketogenic lifestyle, you won’t find a better supplement than Keto Salt on the market.


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